You Can Resurface That Old Concrete Slab

Do you require a brand-new surface area on your concrete piece? Does it simply look bad? You do not desire to eliminate the entire thing. This is how it is done. Follow these actions for finest outcomes.

When dealing with cement-based items, constantly use eye security and water resistant gloves. Operate in temperature levels above 50 degrees for a minimum of 8 hours and secured from freezing for 24 hours after using.

Action 1

Before using:

– Clean the old concrete for correct adhesion of the brand-new surface area.

KEEP IN MIND: you might require a high strength, 3500 psi pressure washer to eliminate any dirt, oil, grease or degrading concrete.

– Repair harmed locations and big fractures; this can be done by blending some resurface product to a putty like consistency and covering the location before resurfacing.

– Saturate the surface area with water then sweep away any standing water.

Action 2

Mix the resurfacer utilizing a tidy plastic five-gallon container and a 1/2 -drill and paddle mixer. Do not aim to blend by hand the item has to be combined carefully with a drill.

It is vital that existing control joints or growth joints are preserved to permit piece motion. Foam weather condition removing can be used to avoid resurfacer from spilling into the joints.

Action 3

Include 3-1/2 quarts of tidy cool water to your tidy plastic five-gallon pail to blend one 40-pound bag of resurfacer; include the resurfacer into the mixing water.

Step 4.

Mix for 5 minutes or more up until a lump-free pourable consistency is accomplished. If the mix is too thick, include water moderately to reach the consistency of syrup; if the mix is too thin, extra powder can be included.

Step 5.

Now it is time to put the resurfacer onto the concrete in one-foot broad strips.

Action 6.

Utilizing a long dealt with squeegee and scrub the product into the concrete surface area.

Action 7.

Spread out the resurfacer backward and forward onto the piece.

Step 8.

After about 5 minutes it is time to use a non-slip surface, do this by utilizing a concrete broom, and make complete broom strokes throughout the whole range of the workspace without stopping. Make all broom strokes in the very same instructions for the very best look.

Step 9.

Use a great mist to wet remedy for 24-48 hours in temperature levels over 90 degrees.

Action 10.

Resurfacer will support foot traffic in about 6 hours and automobile traffic in 24 hours. It would be finest not to touch the surface area for 48 hours.

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